Friday, July 08, 2011

Diamond 718 Repeater Antenna -

“It’s Alive!!!!!!!”


The Diamond 718 UHF antenna that Mike, WM4MD graciously donated to me a while back is 99.99% ready to go.


After an unfortunate series of events a few years ago up on White Oak, the 718 turned Lawn Dart after it was dropped from near the top of the 100 foot tower.


“Ahhh…  the childhood memories these bring back…”

Lawn Darts

The top of the antenna is approx 8” below the top cap and the bottom section is approx 12” above the bottom mesh cap.  This should allow the standoffs to clamp onto the pvc without covering any portion of the radiating element.  The entire length of the antenna is approximately 15’3”.


Anyway, the antenna is now housed inside two sections of PVC – a 5 foot (2” diameter) base section and a 10 foot (1.5” diameter) upper section. Obviously, the antenna will have to be side mounted to the tower with both an upper and lower standoff to give it the necessary support.


The sections are screwed together and capped. All that’s left is caulking up the sections – after adding a coax pigtail to the antenna through the bottom mesh cap.


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