Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Echolink Node Off The Air

Those listening to my echolink node on 446.150 simplex (T100Hz) will need to use echolink on their own is they wish to continue to listen in or check in to the Good Morning Net or the various evening nets.  Use echolink on your computer to connect to *DoDropIn* node #355800.

I ran afoul of some sort of connection rule or some such and I honestly don't really care to jump through any hoops in order to connect.

The IRLP node will continue you on 146.460 simplex (T100Hz) for the next few weeks before returning to repeater 444.675 + (100Hz).
I will continue to link to The Eastern Reflector 9050 during the daylight hours and to The Western Reflector 9250 overnight.  

 Steve, W4HKL