Sunday, December 13, 2015

All Star

W4HKL All Star Set Up

All star Node 42256

146.460 Simplex 100Hz tone.

Node Status

Graphical Connection List

Equipment:  Node Radio, Motorola GM300@8 watts, approx 50 ft. LMR-400 to roof mounted 1/4 over 5/8 homebrew J-Pole at approx 1400 ft elevation.

All Star Node 42255

East TN All Star HUB

HUB Status

Graphical Connection List

Note:  Often Nodes 41594 (WB4IVB - 442.900+ 100Hz Corbin / 442.350+ 100Hz Black Mnt. Harlan Co. KY)  and 29891 (KE4JGJ - 147.180 + 74.4Hz London KY) will be connected.

You may also see (3)355800 connected.  This is Echolink Conference server *DODROPIN* which hosts many nets throughout the week.  Being as it is on the Echolink network and not the All Star Network it will not pass any info on the Graphical List and only it's number on the Status pages.

Please connect to the HUB If you cant to connect to the group.  You can check the connection status of All Star Node 42255 beforehand if you want to know who is linked up.

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