Sunday, December 13, 2015

All Star

W4HKL All Star Set Up
Update  01Dec2019

All star Node 41538

146.460 Simplex 100Hz tone.

Node Status

Graphical Connection List

Equipment:  Node Radio, Motorola GM300@8 watts, approx 50 ft. LMR-400 to roof mounted  5/8 1/4 wave on roof.

All star Node 45333

444.675 + 100Hz tone Repeater

Equipment:  GM PM-400's using repeaterbuilder RIM-lit RM, Raspberry Pi with image doing controller and allstar duty, Decibel duplexer, Diamond 718 UHF antenna.  Power out is approx 2 watts.

All Star Node 42255

**OFFLINE for now**

East TN All Star HUB

HUB Status

Graphical Connection List

Note:  Often Nodes (WB4IVB - 442.900+ 100Hz Corbin / 442.350+ 100Hz Black Mnt. Harlan Co. KY)  and 2

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