Sunday, December 13, 2015

All Star

W4HKL All Star Set Up
Update 04 July 2020

All star Node 41538

146.460 Simplex 100Hz tone.
(City Limits of Maynardville, TN)

Node Status

Graphical Connection List

Equipment:  Node Radio, Motorola GM300@10 watts, approx 50 ft. LMR-400 to roof mounted 5/8 wave mobile antenna on ground plane kit.


All Star Node 45333

Low Profile 444.675 repeater T100Hz
(City Limits+  of Maynardville, TN)

Equipment:  two Motorola PM400 radios, Repeaterbuilder RIM-lite RM, Rasp. Pi 3 using Hamvoip image for controller, Decibel duplexers, 40 ft LMR, Diamond X50A antenna

Repeater Status

Graphical Connection List


All star Node 43043

223.400 Simplex.
(City Limits of Maynardville, TN)

Node Status

Graphical Connection List

Equipment:  Node Radio, Alinco DR 235 @ 5 watts, 1/4 ground plane.


All star Node 422560

900 Mhz Simplex
(Residence only)

Node Status

Graphical Connection List

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Middlesboro -

443.950 is off the air until I can replace the antenna.  It appears to have slowly degraded over the past 2 years.  The desense issue has now been eliminated up to the jumper or the repeater antenna.  Info gleaned from the web would indicate that the Diamond 718 antennas can't handle the mountaintop locations for - of all reasons - heavy moisture condensation at altitude.  Go figure.

Caryville -

I have decided to go ahead and coordinate the 444.675 (+ offset, 100.0 Tone)  Seems like much ado over nothing considering it's low profile and lack of coverage, but I might as well.

It is IRLP connected and is parked on the East Coast Reflector 9050 mostly during the day.  At night, it may end up on either the 9109 Alaska Channel or 9070 Alaska Reflector.  Or on 9050.  Feel free to use it.
73 disconnects while simply inputting the IRLP node or reflector number will connect.
Just be sure to wait 30=45 seconds before transmitting when you first arrive so as not to inadvertently interrupt a QSO.  If you connect up with something just disconnect after you are through.

Allstar Node 41538 is running on 146.460 (100.0 Tone.)  I am planning to mount the antenna about 20 feet higher and go with a higher gain antenna - but not too high a gain - we are in the mountains, after all. This node may or may not be connected to an IRLP bridge, another Allstar or Echolink node, or simply idle.  *70 will give you the node status.  If it is in repeat mode, you're set.  If not, *73 will disconnect all.  *3XXXX (xxxx=allstar node number) will connect you to the node number you input.  If you want to use Echolink, shoot me an email.  It's a bit more tricky.

Future plans -

Once 950 is back on and working, I will connect it to the Allstar Linking Network.  Why...?  Because we can!!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Duplexer Info for the 03/24/2014 East Coast Repeater Net

This is supplementary info for the East Coast Repeater Net on 03/24/2015.

Steve Smith, W4HKL

Topic:  Duplexers

Below are some pictures of duplexers.

 UHF?  900 Mhz?
A set of low power duplexers.

Homebrew duplexers made from old fire extinguishers!


Wikipedia :  Duplexer

Repeater Builder:  Antenna Systems

6 Meter Homebrew Duplexers Link 1; Link 2

(Detailed interior diagram of a duplexer)


(Includes diagram of duplexer interior)


I hope this collection on information assists anyone looking to further their understanding of duplexers.

Steve, W4HKL

(The links, photos, and information used above represents the hard work and dedication of many individuals.  I make no claim of ownership or creation of those links, files, or information. This information is presented purely for the advancement of the Amateur Radio Hobby.  If any of the authors has issues with this information being used here without claim of authorship by myself only for the advancement of the hobby, then contact me and I will immediately remove the offending item.)

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Tennessee Consolidated Network for Emergency Communications and Technology.

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, lol.

Firstnet Informational PDF:  Link

Main Page :  

THP          :

Radioreference Forum for TACN

More info from Radioreference