Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Allstar Node 45333 Garage Repeater.

 Here is my low-powered low-profile garage repeater.

It consists of a RPi3 running the Hamvoip image for Allstar and Controller duties.
The radio interface is a Repeaterbuilder RIMlite-RM (repeater-maker) it has two connectors which plug directly into the 16 pin accessory ports of two motorolas (GM, PM, CM, etc. class) for use in a repeater configuration.
The receiver/exciter combo are two UHF Motorola PM 400's. The duplexer is a vintage UHF Decibel . The power supply is a generic 30A switcher. There is a fan which cools the radio being used for transmit. It has ran in this configuration for over 4 years.
The Kenwood TK-860 is used to monitor the repeater and a simplex UHF node while Im in the garage
The EFJ UHF amplifier and power supplies below the duplexer are not currently in use.
I believe the cabinet is a vintage GE (bought for $25 at the Knoxville Hamfest around 2012.)
Also... Thanks to WB4IVB for waiving his usual consulting fee, tuning of duplexers, etc.
Steve, W4HKL