Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Duplexer Info for the 03/24/2014 East Coast Repeater Net

This is supplementary info for the East Coast Repeater Net on 03/24/2015.

Steve Smith, W4HKL

Topic:  Duplexers

Below are some pictures of duplexers.

 UHF?  900 Mhz?
A set of low power duplexers.

Homebrew duplexers made from old fire extinguishers!


Wikipedia :  Duplexer

Repeater Builder:  Antenna Systems

6 Meter Homebrew Duplexers Link 1; Link 2

(Detailed interior diagram of a duplexer)


(Includes diagram of duplexer interior)


I hope this collection on information assists anyone looking to further their understanding of duplexers.

Steve, W4HKL

(The links, photos, and information used above represents the hard work and dedication of many individuals.  I make no claim of ownership or creation of those links, files, or information. This information is presented purely for the advancement of the Amateur Radio Hobby.  If any of the authors has issues with this information being used here without claim of authorship by myself only for the advancement of the hobby, then contact me and I will immediately remove the offending item.)