Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Call

IN case you didn't know, I upgraded to General this past Field Day. With visions of N4-calls dancing in my head, I checked the box to get a new call. Unfortunately, I got a callsign that even a new ham wouldn't have loved: KI4YAI. "YAI!!!" Well, the next day I applied for my great uncle Albert Smith's (SK) old call, W4HKL. Truth be told, I had forgotten his call, but ran across a note I had made concerning it way back in my high school days. In fact, if I hadn't found that note, I might never have remembered his call.

So, since 1x3 "W" calls are quite acceptable for those having a General amateur license, I decided that it was time to get that call. It was assigned to me on July 31, 2007 and i plan on keeping it until I am a SK (ironic in my case, as I have no interest in the code.)


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