Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everything You Wanted To Know About 900 Mhz But Were Afraid To Ask.

Last night I had a very nice QSO with KD4CWB on his 147.000 repeater concerning the pros and cons concerning amateur radio operation concerning the 900 Mhz band.

What I suspected and he confirmed through his considerable knowledge and experience on the subject was that the main stumbling block is locating and converting commercial gear to use on the 33cm band.

I’ve been looking into getting a radio on the band and possibly putting together a repeater for remote base usage at home. During this time I’ve amassed quite a few quality links dealing with all things 900 Mhz. I’m going to post them here in order to share them with others in the amateur community as well as keeping them together in a place I can find them!

The 33 CM Band at Wikipedia

Exploring 900 MHz - Radios for 900 MHz / 33 Centimeters & Their Modifications

(According to the author of the site above, the Motorola GTX900 can be programmed to work on the 900 Mhz amateur band.)

NEW: The Kenwood 900Mhz Page

GEMOTO.COM - helping convert commercial equipment for ham use

San Diego 900Mhz Amateur Radio Club

Adventures in 33cm

WA1MIK’s Motorola Mobile GTX 900 Mhz info page

WA1MIK’s Motorola Portable GTX 900 Mhz info page

Batlabs GTX info

N1SU’s GTX Page

Batlabs Batboard search for “GTX”


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