Saturday, October 09, 2010

Crossband into Dot325

The only way I can make the haul lengthwise over the Powell Valley (TN) ridgeline running between Cumberland Gap, TN and Caryville, TN is to use a beam and 35 watts.  Below is the antenna setup.

SAM_0232 (Small)

The 2 meter quarterwave vertical and the DB Products yagi are the antennas I’m using.

SAM_0234 (Small)

The diplexer lets me use only one coax run.  The crossband rig is a Kenwood TN 731. 

SAM_0235 (Small)

The view towards White Oak…

The Kenwood is a little older, but I honestly enjoy using it as much or more than the newer rigs I have.  I use a simplex freq on 2 meters that SERA recommends and the output is set for the Mboro 440 machine.  When funds allow, I’ll replace this with 2 Alinco monobanders running thru an NHRC6 or NHRC7 controller…  one of the few controllers that can handle 2 monobanders.  This will allow IDing on both bands…  as well as being able to remotely enable and disable the repeater, etc.

SAM_0236 (Small)

The “Tank…” a Kenwood TM 731

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